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The new Evolv Shaman climbing shoes — designed by Chris Sharma — are here!

We hinted about it in this space a few weeks ago, we’ve anxiously awaited the shipment, and it’s here: Chris Sharma’s new signature series shoe, the Evolv Shaman climbing shoe, has arrived and is now available at Rock/Creek!

This is the most advanced, highest-performance climbing shoe that Evolv has ever released. The guys at Evolv worked relentlessly with Chris Sharma on this shoe, tweaking and modifying the prototypes repeatedly until they were just right, and the result is the Evolv Shaman. Part of Evolv’s Sharma Signature Series, this climbing shoe wouldn’t have Chris Sharma’s name on it if it weren’t awesome.

One of our avid climbers bought a pair last night, literally within minutes of the shoe arriving at our stores, and he says it’s the most comfortable downturned shoe he’s ever tried on. Imagine, a super-aggressive, technical climbing shoe that doesn’t compromise on performance…
but doesn’t feel like a torture device either!

Building on the success of the Evolv Pontas and Optimus Prime climbing shoes, the Evolv Shaman is built on a new last , with a strong down-camber and an asymmetrical toe profile. The top inside edge of the toebox has a pronounced “knuckle,” which distributes weight across your big toe, and the heel counter provides tension.

The pigskin lining is comfy and feels great. Three velcro straps keep the shoe well-secured on your foot; that middle strap tensions the arch of the shoe to keep it from flattening out on you. In addition to that third strap, the “love bump” midsole helps maintain the downturned shape of the shoe. The love bump also gets rid of any dead space beneath the toe, and helps you pull with a little bit more power on edging moves.

Need we say more? Click here to buy the Evolv Shaman at Rock/Creek.

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