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Trail Running at Blue Blazes Trail

Distance: 1.5 mile loop

Trail: Single Track

Difficulty:  Easy

Location: Downtown Chattanooga

Directions:  From the Rock/Creek Downtown Location. Turn Right out of the Rock/Creek Parking lot onto Manufacturers Rd. Continue on Manufacturers Rd. to Hamm Rd, turn Left.  Go .6 miles to a T-intersection. Turn Left on Moccassyn Bend Rd. Drive .9 miles down Moccasyn Bend Rd, look for gravel drive on the right. A large wooden sign says Blue Blazes Hiking Trail. Park Here and follow obvious loop trail.

Trail Description:  Blue Blazes Hiking Trail is a fantastic beginners running trail. It only is open to foot traffic, and has no major hills or technical terrain. The single track path is very knee friendly and groomed very nice. You might pass a couple of walkers or bird watchers, however typically this trail is often overlooked by most locals.  The beauty of this trail is that it is 5 minutes from downtown Chattanooga. That makes it a possible lunch time run or after work run.  If you have trouble running on the road due to old running related injuries this is a trail worth trying.  The trail runs right beside the Tennessee River on the back side of the loop. It is also known to stay wet after heavy rains. You can detour the flooded trail sections, by running onto the Moccasyn Bend Golf Course during the last .5 miles of the trail.

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