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2010 Race Team- Jaclyn Greenhill

Jaclyn Greenhill

DSC_6577Age: 32

Occupation: ER Nurse

Trail running is my yoga, my therapy. I do love competing but I have refused to let the seriousness of training take away my passion for the sport. This probably attests to my frequent ankle injuries in the past few yrs but when it comes down to it I just love hitting the trail and running until my mind is done thinking. I started off just wanting to finish an ultra race yet over the years I have grown to get a thrill out of the competition and seeing how I match up to the rest of the field. Most of the time humbling but good for the soul. I love most other outdoor sports such as mt biking, skiing, esp rock climbing. Though, these are my hobbies while trail running has become a necessity in my life.
Lifelong Running Goals: See how I match up to some of the runners out west while seeing how my body adjusts to the high altitude. Participate in races regionally and internationally. Participate and complete a 100 miler and in the end Western States. Threw my name in the lottery this year but no such luck. Also would love to do Tour du Mont Blanc. Go a full year without injuring my ankle!

Favorite Run: Mesa Trail at Chautaqua Park in Co; Prentice Cooper. There really is not a trail I have run that does not contribute to my overall growing passion for trail running. Each trail provides a different beauty that I cannot find many other places in life. So with that said, all trails are

pretty much my favorite.

What I Love Most About Running:

“There is a simplicity to trail running that you cannot really get with any other sport. You put your running shoes on, drive, or run to that special trail and go. A few seconds later you realize that all of the stresses and worries you had before are no longer there. It is just you and the trail…


2009 Races and Accomplishments:

Coastal Challenge stage race-2nd female,9th overall,1st female x 4 stages [Read Article]

Pike Peak Marathon-4th in division

StumpJump 50k-2nd female

North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler Washington,DC-2nd female (1st 50 miler)

Mt. Diablo 50k California- 2nd female until sprained ankle @ mile 29 and had to drop out

Scenic City Marathon-1st female entire race until dq for taking wrong turn

Photo(with Rock Creek attire) and mentioned in Trail Runner Magazine

interview and photo Chattanooga Times Free Press
Races in 2008:

Coastal Challenge stage race

Black Warrior 50k

Mount Mitchell Challenge 40 miler

Chattanooga Stage Race

Rattlesnake 50k

Tahoe Rim Trail 50 miler-?

Pikes Peak

Transrockies stage race

Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k

Notable Past Races:

– 2008: 3rd age division, 2007: 3rd female

Scenic City Marathon 2008- 1st female, 2nd overall

Chattanooga Stage Race 2008- 1st female; 3rd overall

Transrockies Stage race 2008-5th in division

StumpJump 50k 2008- 1st female

2007 Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K Trail Run – 3rd female

Atlanta Marathon 2003 -2nd place

Efix Adventure race 2004- 2nd place

Blue Ridge Adventure race 2003,2004- 6th place

Iceland half Marathon 2005 -2nd age division

Cohutta 100 mile mt bike race 2005

Carrboro 50K 2006- 2nd female

Holiday Lake 50K 2006- 5th female

Goblin Valley ultra 2006- 3rd in division

Twin Falls ultra 40 miler 2006- 3rd female

Fort Yargo adventure race 2007- 1st all female team

+ several other adventure races, triathlons

Race Calendar for 2010:

Moab Red Hot 50k- Feb 13

American River 50 miler- April 10

Miwok 100k- May 1

Squaw Peak 50 miler-June 5

Tahoe Rim 100 miler-July 17 or…White River 50-July 31???

Transrockies stage race- August

Ultra de los Andes 80k- October 23

StumpJump-if not injured by then???

some snowshoe and xcountry ski races tossed in the mix

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