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2010 Race Team- Robin Meagher

New to the Rock/Creek Race Team for 2010-
Robin Meagher

Meagher 4
Age: 29
Occupation: 9th Grade Mathematics Teacher

Years Running: 11 years

Favorite Trail Race:
Anything in the fall. I enjoyed StumpJump 50k, Iron Mountain, the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Races, and Land Between the Lakes 50 Miler because the guys who put it on are so nice.

Favorite Training Trail: I don’t have one. I usually love any trail as long as I am running it with my friends.

Lifelong Running Goals:
I want to enjoy running for the rest of my life. I would also like to use it as a means to travel and meet new people. If I continue to improve over the years, then all the better!

2009 Races and Past Accomplishments:
Germantown 50K, 1st Female
Chattanooga Stage Race, 1st Female overall, 9:49:46 overall time for 60 miles
Massanutten 100 miler, 1st Open Female, 3rd Female Overall, 21st out 173 Overall, 26:51:15
Granite Grinder Trail Half Marathon, 1st Female, 13th out of 297 Overall, 1:42:00
Land Between The Lakes Trail 50 Miler , 1st Female, Set Female Course Record, 7:45:43
Pinhoti Trail 100 Miler, 2nd Female, 13th out of 100 Overall, 25:15:00
Iron Mountain Trail 50 Miler, 1st Female, Set Female Course Record, 4th out of 32 Overall, 8:54:00

Ranked in 2009, by Ultrarunning Magazine as:
30th in 2009 Top 50 Mile Times- Women for her 7:45:43 time at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky
43rd in the 2009 Top 100 Mile Times- Women for her 21:48:15 time at Pinhoti in Alabama.

Race Calendar for 2010:
I am still mapping it out. I would like to do a 100 out west. Ideally I will do numerous 50ks, two 50 milers and two 100 milers. I may also try to PR in a marathon, depending on the time between ultras.


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